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The Skin Calming Kit
Best for oily & sensitive skin

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The Skin Calming Kit is a routine addition for anyone struggling to find balance with oily skin. This dual-pronged “maintenance and repair” approach affords flexible and deliciously comfortable skin-rehydration during the day, and nourishing moisture sealing protection through the night to gradually soothe and relieve aggravated skin.

Hydrate Mango Face Cream


Oily + Sensitive Face & Body Oil


Moisture Rejuvenating Serum

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Intense Hyaluronic Moisturizer



Contrary to intuition, face oils are key to rebalancing oily skin. Our skin produces excess oils (known as sebum) in reaction to expecting rapid moisture loss. Adding face oils to your routine to preemptively lock in moisture, at the right time and in the right way, will gradually calm your skin’s oil production and with the right nutrients in the blend, face oils can help to reduce inflammation.

Face oils are suitable for application at night to seal in moisture in your skin over long unattended periods. But how about during the day? We still need a light, fast absorbing moisturizer to rehydrate our skin throughout the day when oils may not be as convenient.


HYDRATE Mango Face Cream is a daily moisturizer that is rich in Vitamin-E antioxidants and yet feels non-greasy and light to touch making it perfect for frequent application throughout the day. Hydrate Mango Face Cream is gently infused with the scent of Exotic Mango Butter, making it perplexingly irresistible for anyone who picks up on the aroma!


The Oily Sensitive Face & Body Oil by AOLE is an innovative blend of botanical oils formulated to restore skin balance by Locking in Moisture, delivering enriching skin-nutrients, and creating a naturally protective Anti-Oxidant barrier against Free-Radicals. Oily + Sensitive Face & Body Oil infuses your skin with 100% organic cold-pressed oils like Rosehip, Jojoba and Watermelon Seed Oil to help restore balance and even out redness for a healthy and rejuvenated complexion. A naturally high source of both Retinol and Vitamin E, the blend is also rich in polyunsaturated fats and has an exceptionally low comedogenic rating, making it suitable for acne-prone skin.


Gently apply no more than 2-3 drops on moisturized skin by massaging in circular motions. Face oils should be applied last after cleansing and moisturizing to lock in added hydration.

NOTE: To supplement for additional hydration needs in your routine, consider including MOISTURE Rejuvenating Serum (a deeply hydrating facial serum) or INTENSE Hyaluronic Moisturizer (to promote better moisture retention) into this bundle.

If you have questions about your specific complexion needs and routine, feel free to ask us using our online chat support.

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