110 Shades
of Foundation

The foundation of
a new company

As two Bangladeshi owners of makeup brand JABBAR&Co. in Toronto, Ontario, we wanted to create a foundation (known as 110 Shades) that includes every human skin tone while also creating a high quality foundation: A foundation that feels and looks like your own skin only better.

Working in collaboration with makeup artists to figure out what each one values in a foundation with their pros and cons, we were finally able to narrow in on a foundation that does it all. The result is a natural, dewy foundation where skin looks illuminated and radiant. You get all this plus a perfect match to your skin tone. What ends up stunning people is how good a foundation looks when it matches your skin tone perfectly.

Foundation Samples & Gift Packs Model

Fans make up
their base
(& marketing)

The brand has quickly turned into a cult favorite. Devotees post their pictures on social media and even let the company use their photos in marketing! JABBAR&Co. is deeply grateful to their followers and are excited to collaborate even more with their die hard fans going forward.. they make the product possible!

Offering the most
shades in the market

This is where 110 Shades really shines. The difference between a close match and a perfect match is the difference between your skin looking covered up and your skin looking like its absolutely glowing without looking like you’re wearing makeup!

In fact, 110 Shades offers so many shades it can obviously be confusing to the consumer. This is where JABBAR&Co. teamed up exclusively with Mongoose & Mink to offer free foundation samples (that’s 20 shades you get to try, only pay the shipping!) in your shade depth. Get it by itself or add it with another purchase. It’ll make the biggest difference in your makeup look.

Full Cover Liquid Foundation

Try it, test it, find your match.
Get an exact match to the colour of your skin.

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