6 Reasons Why You Should Use Face Oils

Are you ready to see what all the fuss is about with face oil? Here are six reasons why this cosmetic staple is such a must-have.

  1. It locks in moisture and provides additional nutrients. Face oils can benefit anyone, but are especially nutritious for dry skin. When you apply oil to your face after using a moisturizer, it seals in all of the nourishing components, allowing your skin to better retain the moisture. The greatest facial oils can provide nourishment on their own, in addition to helping to seal in hydration.
    If you have dry skin, apply a few drops of face oil after your moisturizer in the morning and at night. If you have oily skin, limit your application to the evening.
  2. It encourages a healthy-looking radiance. As you become older, your skin may appear dull and dry. This is because your skin generates fewer natural oils. Applying an oil to your face can assist to replenish moisture and promote healthy skin. A facial oil can also be used to get an instant glow. As a makeup-free, natural-looking highlight, apply one to the high points of your face.
  3. It can aid in the application of foundation. Facial oil has a velvety, sensual texture that makes it an excellent skin care product to use before concealer or liquid foundation. It might be difficult to apply makeup with a flawless finish if your skin is dry, flaky, or has blemishes. A face oil can help your makeup brush glide across your skin for a smooth base, reducing the likelihood of clumping or streaking.
  4. It has the ability to protect the skin. When used as the last step of your morning skin care routine, face oil can act as a barrier for your skin’s outer layer.
  5. It reduces free radicals. Your facial oil may include antioxidant qualities that are beneficial to the skin, depending on the formula you choose. You might wonder what one of the primary advantages is. Free radical protection for the skin The correct face oil for your skin type can help avoid the harmful effects of free radicals on your skin, such as elasticity loss and photoaging.
  6. Face oils don’t clog pores. Do you believe that applying oil on your face would result in blocked pores? Reconsider your position. Acne shouldn’t be a problem if you use the correct amount of face oil and the right recipe. To avoid blocked pores, look for non-comedogenic face oils. Check out our Oil Glossary to identify the least comedogenic face oils for your skin type.

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