5 Reasons Why You Should Use Hair & Body Oils

Cherished by the ancient Egyptian priests and rulers, and recommended by modern day dermatologists for their non-comedogenic and moisturizing abilities, oils have a long history. Yet, only recently have oils been making a mainstream comeback. Learn why this liquid gold is worth its weight on your shelf at home.

  1. Body oils are super nourishing and help regulate sebum production. Oils such as pomegranate, jojoba, and almond (all vegetable-based oils) are lauded for their absorbent characteristics because they mirror the natural lipids found in our skin, which is important to keep skin healthy and breakout free. Oils also moisturize better than lotions because they contain less water and therefore absorb quicker.
  2. Many body oils can be used for hair as well. Some oils naturally work well for both our bodies and hair. These oils help repair and hydrate dry and damaged hair.
    Tip: Apply oil to damp hair before blow-drying, and if you’re using it to smooth down hair, apply it to dried hair.
  3. Recommended by dermatologists, body oils help repair skin. Aside from moisturizing the skin, some oils can also assist to mend and heal scars, decrease the appearance of stretch marks, soothe irritated skin, and even combat cellulite.
  4. Body oils tend to be cleaner and more natural. And at Mongoose & Mink all our oils are 100% natural with no questionable ingredients or additives. Though as a general tip we recommend reading labels to be sure you are getting a clean product.
  5. Body oils simply feel luxurious. With specialty oils from all around the world, each with their own benefits and natural scents, these lavish oils will turn your moisturizing routine into a sensual activity.

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